A native from Savannah, TN that has been singing since age four and preaching since the age of thirteen. It is the ministry of JOSH FRANKS. He has been in several singing talent contests. He won the James D. Vaughan Festival, Crabbfest also known as the Crabb Family Homecoming and the National Quartet Convention. Josh has been to many places and has shared stage in his solo singing with several top groups such as Gold City, Dove Brothers Quartet, The Hemphills, Tony Gore, The Florida Boys, The Nelons, Gospel Enforcers, The Dixie Echoes, The Perrys, The Hoskins Family, The Crabb Family, Gerald Crabb, Mike Bowling, The Galloways, The Anchormen, Palmetto State Quartet, Gospel Enforcers, The Freemans and the list goes on and on. He has recorded 5 solo projects. August 2006, Josh released his newest project entitled, "Hallelujah! Glory! Glory!". His latest three projects have been recorded with Daywind Records in Hendersonville, TN. Not only does he have solo CD’s but preaching CD’s. He has 2 sermons on 2 different CD’s which was recorded from some of his revival services.

God has blessed Josh in more ways than singing or preaching. He is very talented. He can play just about any instrument that he wants to. The good part about it is that he has never had a lesson on anything that he plays. It is truly a gift from God. All Praises be to Him. Josh is truly a soldier of Christ and follower of His footsteps. Not only is Josh a singer and songwriter but God called him into the ministry at a very young age to Preach and he continues today. He loves to Preach about as much as anything. Josh’s ministry has taken him far and wide in many different states. His ministry has taken a huge turn in the past year. God is opening doors for him to sing or preach in places Josh would have never dreamed of. Josh gives credit most of all to the Lord up above but also to his former pastor, Rev. Alvis Barnett. Josh states, "Pastor Barnett and his wife, Arleigh were my pastors while I was growing up. Bro. Barnett was my role model. He was a very talented singer, songwriter, and preacher/pastor. I always wanted to be like him. Bro. Barnett passed away in 1998 and he told me to stay on track with Jesus and he would take me far and wide. I have held on to his words and God has done just that. I miss him very much but I know he is looking down watching me prosper in Jesus."

Josh travels all across the world spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ at fairs, festivals, concert halls, auditoriums, churches, arenas, theaters, and even at gospel supper clubs. Josh’s goal is to see hearts and lives changed in revivals, concerts, or where ever he might be, by the power and anointing of Jesus Christ. If you have never heard Josh, get ready to hear some anointed and exciting music and ministry from JOSH FRANKS.

Basic Information:

Full Name: Joshua Nicholas Franks
Hometown: Savannah, TN
September 1
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Scripture: John 3:16
Interests: GOD, Music, Food, Church,
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Song: Please Come Down To Me, Still Holdin' On, Still Go Free, and The Lighthouse
Favorite Instrument:  Grand Piano and Hammond B-3 Organ
Favorite Restaurant: Cracker Barrell
Favorite Season: Fall and Spring

What People Are Saying About Josh Franks Ministries:

" People’s Chapel Church, many times, has enjoyed the anointed ministry of Bro. Josh Franks in song, music, and word. This multi-talented young man will bless you abundantly as he projects his great love in serving JESUS through his dynamic, exhilarating, profound, and dedicated ministry...."
-Pastor Johnny Williams/People’s Chapel Church (Jackson, TN)

"I have been in service with Josh Franks several times. He is a very genuine and wonderful young man that loves the Lord. He is blessed with a wonderful talent and would be a great blessing to you and your people..."
-Tony Gore/Award Winning Gospel Soloist (Thorsby, AL)

"Josh Franks is one of the best soloist we work with. Always an energetic program filled with wonderful songs. He is, by all means of the words, A Crowd Pleaser. It is amazing to watch one person be the entire package. Josh delivers the gospel message with excitement to encourage those who are discouraged, and build the kingdom of God one soul at a time. Two thumbs up from The Galloways..."
-Earl Galloway/The Galloways (Knob Hill, AR)

"I have followed the music ministry of Josh Franks for several years. I have had the privilege of being with him on numerous occasions for concerts. I have found Josh to be a young man dedicated to ministering the word of God. He lives what he sings, and he is a wonderful example of a fine Christian man. His music is well received by all age groups. I highly recommend his ministry..."
-Monty Gilliam/DJ WXRQ 1460AM (Mt.Pleasant, TN)

"I would like to take this opportunity to speak of Josh Franks. Josh is a very talented young man with a calling on his life to sing and preach the gospel. God is using him greatly! He would be a tremendous blessing to you and your church or any concert event. As his pastor, I highly recommend him to you..."
-Pastor, Rev. Bobby Pickens/Souls’ Harvest Church Of God (Savannah, TN)

"I was able to use this great young man at our homecoming in 2004. Josh Franks was a hit at Crabbfest! He was anointed, easy to work with, and ready to be a blessing any way he was needed. The people loved Josh, so do I. God has a lot in store for this young man..."
-Gerald Crabb/Singer, 7 Time Winner of Songwriter Of The Year Award, Evangelist, Father of The Crabb Family

"Josh Franks has been a great friend to me personally. He is an extremely talented young man who has wisely chosen to use his gifts to honor our Lord. In every endeavor it is clear that Josh approaches the given task with utmost sincerity and strength of purpose. Whether it’s promoting or performing a concert, Josh is a very capable and dedicated young man. Full of energy, vocal talent, and the ability to make everyone feel at home. Josh makes a great addition to any concert, church service, or special event..."
-John Rulapaugh/Blackwood Quartet (Pigeon Forge, TN)

"Everyone who loves Christian Music will love Josh Franks, a winner of 3 of the nations top talent contests. He will move, inspire, and encourage an audience. So fine a comfortable chair or pew and be spiritually uplifted by his singing and/or preaching. When Josh Franks shows up, somebody’s going to be blessed..."
-Foxy Griffin/45 Year Veteran of Gospel Radio Broadcasting (Lawrenceburg, TN)

"In over twenty years of pastoring I have not seen such an anointing on a young man as I did Josh Franks.  He was truly refreshing and an inspiration to the entire congregation as well as myself.  The combination of singing and preaching is rare these days.  I would highly recommend Bro. Josh for concerts as well as revivals."
-Pastor David M. Ellsworth/Galena Assembly of God (Galena, MO)

"Josh's talent can speak for itself, but Ministry goes beyond just talent. The Anointing is what touch's the Heart! Josh knows how to let God use him. Darrell and I are partial to the youth, when it comes to working for the lord. I was just 17 years old when I joined the Hinson's, and Darrell just 13 when he joined his family's ministry. Yes, we believe in Josh's calling, as the Prophet Joel once said, In the last days God will pour out his spirit on all people. Our sons and daughters will prophecy and young men will see visions. We are there right now! We feel that Josh truly has a Vision!....."
Darrell and Chris Freeman / The Freemans, Hendersonville, TN

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